This Committee’s function is to operate under the terms of the Greenham and Crookham Commons Act 2002, part 4 “Conservation of the Common”, Section 21 “Functions of Commission”.  It is also responsible under Section 23 to review if necessary any changes that may be required in the exercise of commoner’s rights that has effect on biodiversity and to provide advice to the Council through the Commission. The Committee is the delegated  contact between BBOWT (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust) and also the W.B.C (West Berkshire Council with the Commission. Its authority is to work with BBOWT in reviewing actions in matters of conservation, biodiversity and grazing in the undertaking in the implementation of their strategic plan.

Its tasks  are:-    

1)  To collaborate with BBOWT in the development of their Conservation management software (CMSi) as it progresses, and review any future variations against the existing management plan , not only on bio-diversity but landscape and heritage.
2) To review progress of implementation of the management plan and agree such changes that become necessary
3) To ensure the needs of ecology and grazing are carefully maintained in balance
4)  To review grazing numbers and other aspects of grazing regime in light of habitat and the ecosystem  

The intention of discussions is to reach mutual agreement on actions to be taken. Such agreements are implemented without prior reference to the Commission. It is recognised that mutuality is not always possible and in such cases of disagreement, where this becomes necessary, the matter will be reported to the Commission Chairperson before the next general meeting with case facts.  He/she will decide whether to meet relevant individuals before to establish  agreement or to place the matter to the full Commission


Derek Cutt                                          Commoner                         Chairman

Derek Emes                                       Commoner                         Conservation Volunteer

Ken Neal                                            Commoner                         Grazier

Mike Wilde                                          Commoner                         Grazier

Noel Slattery                                       Commoner                         Grazier

Rebecca Hart                                     Natural England

Paul Hendry                                        WBC                                   Countryside Officer

Alex Cruikshank                                  BBOWT

Andrew Coulson-Phillips                     BBOWT

Tony Ferguson                                  Greenham Common Trust

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