Governance and Amenity Committe

This Committee’s function is to operate under the terms of the Greenham and Crookham Commons Act 2002, part 3, sections 11; 13; 14; 17; 19

They shall give advice only to the Commission under sections 12; 15; 16; 18

All the above are subject to the conditions of section 20

The Committee is the delegated contact between BBOWT (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust) and also the W.B.C. (West Berkshire Council) with the Commission. Its authority is to work with BBOWT in reviewing methods required for safe public recreational access to the Common, for defining and protecting the Common’s perimeter, for approvals for motorized access and special activities, and in management and upkeep of all facilities

Its tasks are :-

1) To maintain the public’s right of access and provide suitable defined paths for walking on foot; access for horse riders that is not restricted to pathways but with restrictions  for protecting bio-diversity and wildlife; adventurous but safe paths for bicycles.

2) To prove territorial limits of commonland. To ensure a minimum scale map at 1;5000 of the commons is produced providing suitable information of interest to the public. To keep data of the map updated as necessary. To have suitable path markers set out identifying major routes.

3) To decide with BBOWT on suitable fencing, access gates and ensure that inspections and upkeep are maintained.

4) To see that paths, cattle grids, fences are properly maintained. To ensure rubbish and dog litter bins are provided at gated entrances to the commons

5) To provide reasons for allowable motorized vehicles access onsite and obtain BBOWT’s list of approved drivers.

6)To have information boards erected at all major access gates It will provide advice  as requested by the Commission on:  

a) Any restriction or restrictions to be implemented.

b) Review enactions of bye-laws, possible modifications or additions to the bye-laws.

c) Provision of car parking space.

d) Identifying any land encroachment and possibility of land exchange.

e) Design and content of information boards.

All the foregoing activities shall be reviewed against the Common’s and the BBOWT’s management plans for ecological and grazing factors before implementation.


John Thorogood                                        Commoner                                                                Chairman

Alex Cruickshank                                       Commoner                                                                Advisor

Anne Johnson                                            Thatcham Town Councillor

Chris Austin                                                Commoner                                                               Comission Vice Chairman

Janise Bridger                                            Central Council for Physical Recreation

Jillian Swift-Hook                                         Greenham Parish Councillor       

Paul Hendry                                                WBC Countryside Office                                           Advisor

Sheila Ellison                                              Newbury Town Councillor 

Tony Ferguson                                           Greenham Common Trust

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