Commission Meetings

The Commission usually holds public meetings quarterly. These are in February, May, August (Annual General Meeting) and November and exact dates for the next meeting(s) are set out at the end of the Minutes of the preceding meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend and to contribute. The venue, time of meeting and agenda of all public meetings are posted on this site about 14 days before the meeting is held.

Minutes of the Greenham and Crookham Commons Commission. Select the minutes below

Minutes of Meeting

Click here for minutes for 08 March  2017

Click here for minutes for 22nd November 2016

Date of next meetings:

8th March        6th June        6th September        5th December          6.30 p.m

For General Information

Election due for two commoners

Election of Crookham & Greenham Commissioners

6 January 2017

Publication of notice of election


25 January 2017  (noon)

Delivery of nomination papers


27 January 2017  (noon)

Publication of statement of persons nominated


30 January 2017 (noon)

Delivery of notices of withdrawals of candidature


31 January 2017 2016

Despatch of Ballot Papers


10 February 2017 (noon)

Close of Poll


10 February 2017 (pm)

Counting of votes


The New elected commoneers are:

Michael C Williams

Derek John Williams